February 5, 2012

Tavern 27 throws their donated Super Bowl Party at the home of Highest Bidder of WLNH Children’s Auction

Pre game excitement filled the room at the home of the lucky winners as the staff of Tavern 27 served Lobster Croquettes topped with a Lemony Cream Sauce served with Wente Chardonnay.  This was the first item on the nine course Tapas Menu that Tavern 27 delivered as part of their donation of the 20 person Super Bowl Party to benefit the WLNH Children’s Auction this past December. 

After the first quarter the Patriots trailed the Giants 9-3.  Guests at the Super Bowl Party regained their die hard Patriots Spirit when the Tavern 27 staff brought out the second course, Bon Jour Bello Bocadillos, a sourdough crostini with a wild mushroom - caramelized onion mix topped with melted Manchego cheese served with a Glenlivit Orange Ginger Cocktail.

Like the Patriots, Tavern 27 came back with third and the fourth Tapas Course.  Guests celebrated with Crispy Haddock Bites and Tuscan Torta.  Madonna, Mini Mac and Cheese topped with a Spicy Dijon Cheddar Cheese Sauce served with Arabella Cabernet Sauvignon and Buffalo Chicken Tenders and homemade Bleu Cheese Dressing served with Tuckerman’s Pale Ale were a great half time treat.

Fried Oysters topped with Horseradish and Caviar served with a Bloody Mary Tequila Shooter helped sooth the tension as the Patriots kept their lead by two points in the third quarter. 
Seared Beef Tenderlion with Roasted Red Pepper Roulades drizzled with a rioja reduction served and Benzinger Cabernet Sauvignon was a fitting final Tapas for the final quarter.

Patriots fans were devastated as victory fell from their fingertips.  If only they bid higher at the WLNH Children’s Auction, they could have left with a smile on their face after devouring an Espresso Brownie with Kahlua Cream Cheese and R. Merlo Zinfandel like the attendees of this year’s winners of the party were able to do.

“The food and service was absolutely fantastic!” remarked the party host. “All night long guests commented on how amazing the food was.”

Tavern 27 was so thrilled to be able to support the WLNH Children’s Auction in 2011 by donating this party and looks forward to offering this phenomenal event for another lucky winner in the 2012 auction.