March 11, 2012

Tavern 27 Hosts Local Farmer to Discuss Beginning Gardening

Local farmer and permaculturist Karen Barker will be sharing some of her gardening secrets during an informal complimentary talk at Tavern 27 in Laconia on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 2pm.

At this event, Karen will share information about the best seeds to purchase, cultivating seeds indoors to get an early jump on the short New Hampshire growing season, as well as other ideas to help you get started with your own organic garden, regardless of size.

Karen and her husband Tom, are the owners of Minglewood Farm, a small farm just around the corner from Tavern 27. They grow vegetables and fruits for themselves and for sale at the Laconia Main Street Outdoor Market, as members of the Full Basket Co-op. They also raise laying hens, and have raised meat birds, turkeys, and pigs.

Tom has been gardening organically for nearly 40 years, following the lead of his grandmother. Karen assists Tom in the gardens, harvests produce, preserves food, and staffs the Full Basket Co-op booth at the market.

"Last year at The Mystic Meadows (the home of Tavern 27) we implemented our first garden. Organic, heirloom variety vegetables grew on the half acre plot. We made some mistakes but learned so much about growing our own herbs and vegetables," states Leslie Judice, co-owner/chef at Tavern 27. "We were able to serve our home grown vegetables and herbs from our garden all summer long and even into the winter. We actually just served the very last beets and carrots this week in the restaurant." Judice attritubutes the garden's success, in part, to the very helpful and generous advice of neighbors, Karen and Tom Barker.

"Inspired by the delicious success that we achieved last season, and armed with some sage advice from Karen, this year we are planning to double the size of our garden," Judice says. "We are so excited for the opportunity to share the satisfaction of organic gardening and to perpetuate the local organic food movement here in the Lake Winnipesaukee Region of New Hampshire by hosting Karen for this fun garden chat." The Mystic Meadows will also be offering co-op farming opportunities in the expanded garden area for those interested in growing but that do not have land to work.

If you are interested in attending Karen Barker's, "HOW DOES AN ORGANIC GARDEN GROW", please RSVP to or call 528-3057 (Space is limited). Complimentary snacks will be served.

Tavern 27 is located at 2075 Parade Road , Laconia .